Witchblade (ウィッチブレイド) was a nice surprise. Considering it is based off an American comic of the same name that is known for being very sexual and violent, I was expecting a perverted ecchi mess. Her costume certainly doesn’t leave much to be desired and the ecchi factor is certainly there, but miraculously it doesn’t become the focus of the story. Don’t worry boys, you’ll all have plenty to drool over. But there’s something there for us story lovers too. The main story is simpler then the synopsis lets on. It’s about a mother who would do anything to protect her daughter. The greedy organizations, insane scientists and terrifying weapons just add that extra something every plot needs to get on its feet. There are still some hints to this being related to its darker American comic, but they’re subtle and younger viewers might not even pick up on them. Otherwise this anime stands alone. Overall Witchblade was a very enjoyable experience. It started off kind of slow as far as character development, but don’t give up right away. It’s there, you just can’t see it. When the plot starts moving along things really pick up, characters stop being idiots and suddenly you won’t be able to look away. Don’t randomly run away from this show like I did. Witchblade is a show worthy of being given a chance.

[23/05/2006] OP#1: “XTC” by Psychic Lover
[28/06/2006] ED#1: “Ashita no Te” by Mamiko Noto
[26/07/2006] OST 1: Sexual Panic
[30/08/2006] ED#2: “Kutsu Himo” by Asami Yamamoto
[20/09/2006] OST 2: Dazzling War

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