Wolf’s Rain

Wolf’s Rain ( ウルフズレイン) is an anime series created by writer and story editor Keiko Nobumoto and produced by Bones Studio. It focuses on the journey of four lone wolves who cross paths while following the scent of the Lunar Flower and seek for Paradise. According to an old legend, when the end of the world comes, a place known as Paradise will appear. However, only wolves will know how to find it. Although wolves are believed to have been hunted to extinction nearly two hundred years ago, they still exist, surviving by casting illusions over themselves to make them appear human. Freeze City is a northern human city in a world where the majority of people live in poverty and hardship. Wolf’s Rain spans twenty-six television episodes. The anime series was well received in Japan, being the third-ranked anime series in its timeslot while airing on Fuji TV.

Opening Theme: “Stray” by Steve Conte
Ending Theme:
“Gravity” by Maaya Sakamoto
“Tell Me What the Rain Knows” by Maaya Sakamoto

[21/02/2003] “Gravity” by Maaya Sakamoto
[29/03/2003] OST 1 + Opening theme
[21/01/2004] OST 2 + ED Theme #2

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