Wooser no Sono Higurashi

Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life is a day-by-day look into Wooser’s and his friends lives through his eyes. The “plot” consists of robots, magical girls, eating rice, uniforms, and pretty much anything Wooser thinks about at the time. I would recommend this anime if you are looking for a short, funny, and lighthearted anime without a complex storyline or true character development.

Ending Theme:
1. Tia produced by ryo(supercell) / Love Me Gimme.
2. New Order – Miyano Mamoru

    • Kikumaru Eiji – ONE

      テニスの王子様 キャラクターCD 菊丸英二 (CV: 高橋広樹): ONE 2003/11/28発売 品番:NECM-12061 Tracklist 01.ONE 02.い~じゃん 03.ONE(Original Karaoke) 04.い~じゃん(Original Karaoke) (Mp3, 128kbps) Report / Request […]

    • Over Drive Character Song 3

      オーバードライブ・キャラクターソングシリーズ Vol.3 大和武 (CV: 谷山紀章) Over Drive Character Song Series Vol.3 Takeshi Yamato (Kisho Taniyama) Release Date August 31, 2007 […]

    • Nobunagun Bonus CD 1

      ノブナガン Blu-ray BOX 1 Bonus CD Catalog Number VPCY-72913C Released: April 23, 2014 ≪Track List≫ 01 Omake no Juu Pashiri […]

    • Eyeshield 21 Character Song Field 4

      TV Anime Eyeshield 21 Character Song Single Song Field 4 TVアニメーション「アイシールド21」 SONG FIELD 4 桜庭春人 Release Date 2006.01.25 Artist Haruto […]

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