World Trigger

World Trigger / ワールドトリガー
In Mikado City, a “gate” to a different world is opened suddenly one day. Monsters called “Neighbors” start appearing from it, everyone is afraid of them because Earth’s weapons don’t work against them, but a mysterious group starts fighting off the Neighbors. They, the “Border” defense agency, create a defense system against the Neighbors. Since then, regardless of the Neighbors still emerging from the gates, people of Mikado City were living normally today. Four and a half years after the gate is opened for the first time, Yūma Kuga a humanoid Neighbor, comes to Mikado City, where he meets Osamu Mikumo, a Border agent.

Last Modified: Sept 18, 2017
[Nov 05, 2014] Sonar Pocket – GIRIGIRI
[Mar 13, 2015] World Trigger Vol. 1 Bonus CD
[May 13, 2015] World Trigger Vol. 3 Bonus CD
[Jul 08, 2015] World Trigger Vol. 5 Bonus CD
[Jul 25, 2015] AAA – Ashita no Hikari
[Nov 04, 2015] Pile – Dream Trigger
[May 11, 2016] World Trigger OST

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