Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge


The Seven Metamorphoses of Yamato Nadeshiko / ヤマトナデシコ七変化♥
I must say, even for a shoujo title, this story has a lot of originality as well as taking advantage of the same old clichés but with a twist. With Nabeshin as director, I couldn’t expect any less, as he makes every episode hilarious! And it’s nice to see the series has its serious and dramatic moments, and when you see them, you’ll crave for more, seriously. Sunako-chan is quite a character, and you’ll love her from the getgo. She is a very special girl, and she suffered quite a lot from a mid-school drama. Be sure to pay attention to the series as this is revealed in the first episode and repeated a couple of times more, and it’s the reason she locks herself to the world and considers everyone else a “dazzling creature”, even though she’s really beautiful behind that odd and scary exterior. She doesn’t have any confidence, and she constantly is having nosebleeds upon seeing beautiful people, so living in a house with 4 bishounen is not easy for her! Deep inside, she is very careful and fond of the people around her. Kyouhei is a very rude boy and food is what drives his mind, and you’ll find him very obnoxious, until you begin to see his true self, and he doesn’t show it clear, so you’ll have to keep an eye to find out! He’ll begin to care for Sunako-chan as he sees her true self. This is a comedy series, but it has its romantic touchs here and there, and of course some drama, but remember that comedy is what drives this series! So it’s not your conventional shoujo.

[22/11/2006] OP: “Slow” by Kiyoharu
[13/12/2006] ED#1 “Carnation” by Kiyoharu
[21/02/2007] ED#2: “∞Changing∞” by BON-BON BLANCO

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