You’re Under Arrest

You’re Under Arrest (逮捕しちゃうぞ Taiho Shichau zo) is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Kōsuke Fujishima and was serialized in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine from 1986 through 1992. It centers on a fictional police station in Sumida, Tokyo as its officers tackle everyday criminals while keeping people safe. It mixes both drama and action with some comedy and humor. The manga has been adapted into three television seasons, three OVA series and a film, all animated by Studio Deen.

The story revolves around Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa, two female members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the protagonists of the show as they are stationed at the fictional Bokuto Police Precinct located at Sumida, Tokyo. The series is largely episodic, and much of it focuses on the interaction between the main characters and the humorous supporting cast. The majority of the series take place in the Greater Tokyo Area. However, the site where the Bokuto Police Station is supposed to be does not exist in the Sumida Ward. In reality, the Bokuto Hospital takes its place.

[Jan 24, 1996] Taiho Shichauzo Gentei Kaijo Song Collection
[Sep 21, 2001] YOU’RE UNDER ARREST: Theme Song Full Collection


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