Yumeiro Patissiere


Yumeiro Pâtissière / 夢色パティシエール / Dream-Colored Pastry Chef
A girl who has no talents in cooking except eating but she does has an incredible palate comes into the story, recommended by a famous Patissiere and she goes to school and tries to get accepted. But the story does get interesting as you watch more – to me, the part where they joined the Cake Grand Prix was REALLY interesting. It was so intense that I sometimes shudder at the thought of who won and who lose cause it is SO unpredictable that it makes the viewers wonder what will happen next. There is a little romance in the series which makes it really cute! At first, I thought the addition of the fairies were a little silly since all they did was just chant a few noises here and there but eventually, I noticed they do play an important role in cheering the Team up. I liked the chibi fairies and they were really cute especially Caramel-desu! Love her! And Cafe-kun of course. The concept of the Sweet Princes were interesting as well.

[20/01/2010] OP & ED: Yume ni Yell! Pattisiere / Ichigo no Miracle
[21/04/2010] Original Soundtrack : Kira Kira Music
[27/10/2010] OP & ED : Sweet Romance / Home Made Happy


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