Yushi Inaba x Mizuki Hase – Nichijoushiki Broken down

Nichijoushiki Broken down / Yushi Inaba (CV: Atsushi Abe), Mizuki Hase (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)
日常識Broken down / 稲葉夕士 (CV:阿部敦)、長谷泉貴 (CV:中村悠一)
TV Anime “Youkai Apart no Yuuga na Nichijou” Ending Theme
Catalog Number TFDS-00430
Release Date Aug 09, 2017

01 日常識Broken down 3:58
02 日常識Broken down -Instrumental- 3:58

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MP3/320kbpsNo19 MBMirrorcreator

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