Zard – Don’t You See!

“Don’t You See!” is the 19th single by Zard. It was released on 8 cm CD on January 6, 1997 under B-Gram Records. The single reached #1 rank first week. It charted for 14 weeks and sold more than 600,000 copies. When Izumi Sakai died, it was elected as her sixth best song on the Oricon polls.
Catalog Number JBDJ-1023

Track list
All songs were written by Izumi Sakai
1. Don’t You See!
composer: Seiichiro Kuribayashi/arrangement: Takeshi Hayama
this song was never released in studio album, only in best and selection albums were released till date.
this song is used as the second closing theme song of the anime series Dragon Ball GT.
OA version was released in 2012, Zard album collection special CD.
2.  Kaeranu Toki no Naka de (帰らぬ時間の中で)
composer and arrangement: Akihito Tokunaga
3. Don’t You See! (Karaoke)
4.  Kaeranu Toki no Naka de (帰らぬ時間の中で) (karaoke)
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MP3/320kbpsNo39 MBMediafire

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