Zettai Shoujo Shugi! / Yoake Sunzen no Symphony

TV Anime Bakuman Insert song Eps #16 & #20, Performed by Saori Hayami.
TV Anime “Bakuman” Gekichugeki “Sei Visual Jogakuin Kotobu” Opening & Ending Theme.
TVアニメ「バクマン。」劇中劇「聖ビジュアル女学院高等部」OP&ED曲 / 聖ビジュアル女学院合唱部 starring 早見沙織と聖美女隊
Release Date March 09, 2011
Catalog No. LHCM-1089

1 Zettai Shoujo Shugi!
2 Yoake Sunzen no Symphony
3 Zettai Shoujo Shugi! (instrumental)
4 Yoake Sunzen no Symphony (instrumental)
5. Yoake Sunzen no Symphony (Azuki Miho Solo Ver.)
File Size; 41 MB (320kbps)

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