Zettai Shounen


Absolute Boy (絶対少年) is a 26-episode Japanese anime television series, produced by Ajia-do Animation Works and Bandai Visual, which first aired on NHK between May 21, 2005 and November 19, 2005. The series focuses on two major characters, in two different plot arcs, who find themselves caught up in a series of mysteries involving so-called “material fairies” and “material evils”. While they are dealing with these paranormal entities, life continues around them as their friends deal with the ups and downs of life. The plot centers around two major arcs in the storyline, the first involving Ayumu Aizawa, who is visiting his father in the small town of Tana during the summer; the second concerning Kisa Tanigawa in Yokohama, a year and a half after the events of the first arc.

The story moves slowly and things take awhile to develop. It doesn’t necessarily take long for weird events to start occurring in the show, it’s just that the development and progression of these events is not rushed. To find enjoyment in this show you have to like these characters, because outside of the characters there isn’t much else for the viewer to grip onto. The upside is their are plenty of characters all of them vastly different from each other and playing out a different roll in the show. I enjoyed this show immensely by the time I finished it.

However when I started I was only mildly interested, I had to keep going despite the slow pace, and eventually the characters caught my interest, and shortly afterward the plot did too. I loved the slow and dreamy pace and the overall lack of urgency despite the events that were occurring. It vaguely gives me the same feeling that Natsume Yuujinchou gives me, except it’s not as melancholy and doesn’t emphasize nature or the elements.

[08/06/2005] OP: “Hikari no Silhouette” – CooRie
[29/06/2005] ED: “Shonen Humming” – Masumi Ito
[26/10/2005] Zettai Shounen Original Soundtrack


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