Z/X (ゼクス), also known as Z/X Zillions of enemy X, is a collectible card game produced by Nippon Ichi Software and Broccoli. It is marketed as the first “free” collectible card game, with a free deck offered to players at card shops and events in Japan. A 12-episode anime television series adaptation titled Z/X Ignition aired between January 9, 2014 and March 27, 2014. The story is set in the not-so-distant future. Five “Black Points” suddenly appeared around the world as portals to parallel worlds. Immediately after, strange creatures began their invasion from these portals. These creatures are the inhabitants of five worlds—the same worlds in different timeframes. In order to ensure their own future timeframe survives, each of the five invasion forces battle to wipe the other future timeframes out. The key is one card-shaped device.

[2014.02.05] ED: “Monochrome Overdrive” – Yurika Endou
[2014.02.12] OP: “EX:FUTURIZE” – Yoko Hikasa
Bonus CD: OST & Drama CD (not found)

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